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The Nile News is a quarterly newsletter published by the Nile Basin Initiative Secretariat every March, June, September and December. The newsletter presents information and news about key activities carried out by the Secretariat during the last three months. The goal is to keep NBI partners well informed, actively engaged and committed to the Nile cooperation. The newsletter is available for free and can be downloaded from our website.

Nile Basin Sustainability Framework

Approved by Nile Council of Ministers (Nile-COM) in 2011, the Nile Basin Sustainability Framework (NBSF) lays down NBI’s approach to developing guiding principles for water resource management and development across the Nile Basin countries.

While it is not a legal framework, the NBSF which is a suite of policies, strategies, and guidance documents – functions as a guide to national policy and planning process development and seeks to build consensus. It is intended that it will contribute to the gradual alignment of the Basin’s body of (national) water policies to meet international good practice, and help to demonstrate to national governments and international financiers of water infrastructure that the NBI has a systematic approach for dealing with issues of sustainable development within the Basin.

The NBSF is therefore supporting the enabling environment for trans-boundary investment projects, and will promote integration of shared benefits, participation, and environmental concerns that ensure investment projects have long-term benefits.

Without the NBSF, there would be no consistent guidance for the sustainable development of new investments and no coherent guidance for the achievement of cooperation in sustainable water management and development.

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