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  Welcome to the September 2020 issue of our quarterly newsletter.  During the period July – September 2020, the Secretariat continued to conduct its business virtually, due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Among the key accomplishments during the quarter is the official launch of the implementation of the ground water project, capacity building for officials from the Member States in river flow forecasting as well as the 54th Nile Technical Advisory Committee meeting. Find out details in this edition of the Nile News. Also read about the benefits of the River Flow Forecasting System as well as an update on the study aimed at addressing the growing water demand in the Nile Basin.







Welcome to the June issue of our quarterly newsletter. 

While we continued to mostly operate from home during the period April to June 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Secretariat was none the less able to implement a number of activities, some of which have been highlighted in this issue. We are excited that we started implementation of the 5.3 million Groundwater project, funded by the Global Environment Facility. Find out what the project is all about.

Keep safe!